A suitable event container for all applications
Glass event units

Grey line modulair

Rapid and versatile construction system that can be fully adapted to the needs of your project. The dimensions and layout are guaranteed to match the available space.

We have developed this concept to work quickly and efficiently. It is a tried and tested system that has already achieved many successes for our customers.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors at trade fairs and events as a very versatile marketing tool for your live communication projects.

In addition to the glass units, we also offer a two-storey VIP pavilion constructed using two 40ft sea containers. This pavilion can be transported by sea freight and can therefore be used worldwide.

Mobile showroom

Blackline popup showroom

A premium mobile showroom delivered to any location. This puts your product in the spotlight right in the middle of your target group. We have specially designed this unit for maximum transparency and luxurious appearance. A LED ceiling brings your car, motorcycle or other product stylishly to the attention of the visitors and the large windows without window styles give maximum visibility to your products. This pop-up showroom can be used single or double.
Festival units

Blackline festival

These robust sea containers bring your product stylishly to the attention of the target group at festivals. Plenty of space for branding and eye-catchers on the roof ensure maximum recognition in the crowd. We offer two variants of this container - for a product presentation, tasting or sampling, we have designed a full-side-access container. For bar purposes we have a special container with a long valve at the front for dispensing drinks, snacks or samples.

Blackline slide out

The space of two containers in one. This container is the perfect tool for a very wide range of applications. It easily serves as a pop-up showroom, hospitality unit, exhibition stand or roadshow. It is installed very quickly and you are ready to receive visitors within an hour. With full air conditioning and heating we provide the right atmosphere inside.
Exposition container

Blackline showcase

These units are specially designed for exhibiting objects such as cars, motorcycles and other large, heavy objects. Because all units are produced standalone, we can guarantee to always fit the layout of your exhibition. A tent roof over the units gives you the opportunity to immerse your guests in your own desired ambiance. With light, sound and decoration we create an ideal setting for your exhibition in an efficient way.

Blackline Studio

High-quality finished double or triple mobile studio, ideal as a mobile radio or television studio. These units are fitted with glass on all sides for maximum transparency.
These units also lend themselves as a luxury showroom for premium brand presentations for, for example, the Automotive industry.

Blackline XXL Showroom

High-quality finished multi-purpose promotional space. Due to the high level of finish, this unit is extremely suitable as a mobile showroom, exhibition stand or for other promotional activities on location.

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